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Number of Players: Solo
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  • English

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Final Girl: Box of Props Expansion

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Final Girl: Box of Props Expansion contains:

  • Upgrades:
    • Horror Track Miniature
    • Deluxe Bloodlust Marker
    • Deluxe Time Marker
    • Deluxe Final Health Tokens
  • Promo Final Girls:
    • Layla
    • Agnes
    • Julia
    • Constance
  • New Components:
    • The Desperation Die: Once per game you may substitute a regular die with this die. 1-5 is a success, 6 is game over.
    • The Book of Desperate Deaths: Desperation Die deaths described.
    • Signature Action Cards: Assign your Final Girl one of these special signature actions.
    • The Ultimate Dice: Instead of unlocking your Final Girl's Ultimate Ability, you may unlock the special powers of these Ultimate Dice instead.

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