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Celtic & Viking Hand-painted Chess Pieces Set (Damaged Box)

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Chess set pieces only, board not included.

Unfortunately sometimes games may get damaged during their journey from the production to our stock. This is such an unlucky game. But it may turn out to be a saving opportunity for someone. Except the damages shown in this page, the game is in good condition.

Almost one thousand years ago the Celtic inhabitants of Ireland rose up under their King, Brian Boru, to fight the invading and colonising Vikings. Based on the battle of Clontarf in 1014AD, Celtic & Viking Hand-painted Chess Pieces Set portrays many of the characteristics of the era. The designers have depicted authentic and historically correct artefacts in splendid detail. The skill and workmanship of the Celtic tribes were demonstrated by their artistic and unique designs. These designs have been recognised throughout the world and reproduced here in this magnificent chess set.

King height 4.5″

Chess set pieces only, board not included

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