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Clinic: Deluxe Edition

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The new deluxe edition of Clinic, one of the best theme hospital board game, long time out of print is back with new graphic and artwork by Ian O'Toole!

In Clinic: Deluxe Edition, you build your hospital in 3D, hire doctors, nurses and staff, host patients and try to optimize the moving of people in three dimensions to save time and get the most popularity points at the end of the game.

Clinic: Deluxe Edition contains:

- one big box with a nifty sleeve

- one big commun board

- 4 Player boards

- 8 additional player boards

- 60 module tiles

- 8 gardens

- 12 parking lots

- 64 Meeple cars

- 25 Meeple nurses

- 9 Meeple staffs

- 52 Meeple doctos in 4 colors

- 93 Meeple patients in 4 colors

- 20 grey cylinders corridors/elevators

- 12 player discs in 4 colors

- 8 helipads

- 16 Entrances

- 56 money coins