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Number of Players: Solo
Game Language (s):
  • English
  • Giampaolo Razzino
  • Barny Skinner

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One Card Dungeon: M'Guf-yn Returns Expansion

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M'Guf-yn Returns is an expansion for One Card Dungeon.

M'Guf-yn is back, awakened from his sleep, he is ready to take back what has been stolen from him: the entire world. After regaining his mighty scepter, he is determined to spread chaos, destruction and despair.

You are the only brave hero who can stop his diabolic plan to conquer the world.
Are you ready to descend into the dungeon again? This time, other than his armies, you will need to defeat his terrible commanders, before reaching the final battle against the lord of the underworld himself.

One Card Dungeon’s main rules remain unchanged. In addition, in this expansion, you will find: New Classes you can choose at the beginning of the game instead of the basic ones, Treasure Chests and a new Boss Dungeon Card.

These supplements can be used all together or individually with the base game.

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