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Number of Players: 1 to 4 Players
Game Language (s):
  • English
  • Krzysztof Piskorski
  • Konrad Sulżycki

Awaken Realms

Tainted Grail: Modular Campsite Expansion

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Make a home away from home with the upgradable camp for your Characters. Compatible with both Kings of Ruin and Fall of Avalon and its SG campaigns.

3-piece Campsite Miniature
4 Kings of Ruin cards
4 Fall of Avalon cards

Tainted Grail: Modular Campsite Expansion adds alternative Modular Campsite rules for Fall of Avalon and its Stretch Goal campaigns as well as Kings of Ruin.

The first stage is just a campfire with some sharpened stakes to ward off dangers. In Kings of Ruin, it boosts your Terror regeneration during the night and may be upgraded to the second stage with an Action.

The second stage adds many important camp necessities, such as a pot of boiling stew, provisions, healing herbs, and even musical instruments. In addition to the effects of the first stage, in Kings of Ruin it also boots the Health regeneration. Naturally, you can upgrade it to the third state with an Action.

Finally, the third stage of the camp adds some shelter, secured by runes and wyrdcandles. As expected, this final stage provides some protection against Wyrdness in Kings of Ruin, helping players on deeper forays into the wyrd-covered side of the map, or allowing them to survive better if for some reason all waystones were extinguished.

Since Location cards in Tainted Grail: Kings of Ruin are only removed when you travel from one major part of the island to another, the Campsite will stay in place until you decide to tear it down. But since getting it to the final stage is quite an investment, better be sure where you want to build it. And remember, an unattended camp may be destroyed or looted by roaming guardians!

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