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Number of Players: 1 to 4 Players
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Serious Poulp

The 7th Continent: Curses Pack Expansion

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The 7th Continent: Curses Pack Expansion includes two new curses to expand your base game, one mini-expansion, and a storage box large enough for all of these:  

The Icy Maze: Explore lands where no other explorer has yet set foot. Is this cold, brutal land inhabited? And if so, by what? (contains 96 cards, including 1 new curse)

The Forbidden Sanctuary: Those who built this temple made sure that no one would come and disturb their precious treasure. You will need to learn some of its secrets before setting foot inside; otherwise each step could be your last. (contains 96 cards, including 1 new curse)

Path of Repentance: Try to stand the test of time in this mini-expansion. Will you be strong enough to achieve repentance? (contains 30 cards)

Storage Box: This accessory includes 2 storage trays and 2 foam blocks. It provides the best way to store the cards from these expansions.

50 Premium Card-Sleeves: To sleeve the most frequently used cards of this from these expansions.

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