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Extensive use of text - massive conversion needed to be playable

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1 to 4 players

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The 7th Continent: What Goes Up Must Come Down Expansion - Classic Edition

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The 7th Continent: What Goes Up Must Come Down Expansion includes two new curses and an expansion to expand your base game. With these expansions you'll discover new secrets, and explore the Continent in the air and underground...

A Prison of Clouds: In this new curse you’ll find yourself aboard a Hot Air Balloon, in search of salvation... this curse will send you on a whirling adventure OVER The 7th Continent! (Contains 169 cards, 4 dividers and 1 hot air balloon standee)

Veins of the Earth: In “The Veins of the Earth” you will delve deep BELOW the Continent in order to triumph over the Evil consuming you. This curse will drag you down into the bowels of the earth where an underground network of serpentine waterways spans the entire length of the continent. (Contains 149 cards, 4 dividers and a barge standee)

Forgotten Passages: You thought you'd been around The 7th Continent and know it inside and out? With this expansion you will discover that it still hides some of its mysteries from you! (Contains 115 cards and 3 characters standees)

50 Premium Card Sleeves: To sleeve the most frequently used cards of this from these expansions.

Important: If you don't already have an extra storage box, you will need to buy one to store the cards of this expansion.

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