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The City: Upgraded Edition

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The City: Upgraded Edition includes Kickstarter content packaged inside the base game box that is not found in the retail edition.

This includes The City: The Expanded City, 3 Iconic City packs (Paris, Seoul, Washington DC), and the Eco Mini-Expansion.

The cards from the Iconic City Packs replace those in the base game while the ones from the Expanded City and Eco Mini-Expansion are added to the base game.

The cards in the Eco Mini-Expansion are labeled as 'ECO' on the right side of the lower text area of the cards. The cards in the Paris Iconic City pack are labeled as 'PARIS'. The cards in the Seoul Iconic City pack are labeled as 'SEOUL'. The cards in the Washington D.C. Iconic City pack are labeled as 'DC'.

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