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The Refuge: A Race for Survival

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The Refuge: A Race for Survival is a post-apocalyptic zombie strategy game.

The year is 2033. No one really remembers what happened. There were wars that lead to a chemical reaction. People started transforming into undead looking creatures. There were so many casualties, so many loved ones lost. Is this the end of humanity? Things continued to get worse. Nature was against us and started to collapse what was left of humanity. The earth began to divide and shatter. The last safe hint that I got was some sort of hidden refuge. The last chance for humanity, the last refuge. I heard that they had limited room due to shortage of supplies. So I must make it a priority to be the first to find the Last refuge.

The goal of the game is to be the first to reach the refuge while fending off zombies and other players. Each time you move, you activate a floor tile which have special features. The only tournament style zombie board game out there where you compete with six players in order to be the first one to reach the final refuge. Learning it takes less than five minutes, mastering it will take a while. Decisions make a big impact, and gameplay ranges heavily on the players skills: five minutes to one hour.

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