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Number of Players: 1 to 4 Players
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Too Many Bones: Gasket Add-on Character

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Gasket is a melee-ranged Hydromech. He depends heavily on the availability of water for his skills. His starting defense stat is very high whilst his attack and health stat starts at the minimum of one. Gasket is able to perform position manipulation, boost his defense or attack stat and disrupt the skills or movement of the baddies. The backup plan allows him to deal damage, repair himself or to perform a devastating crowd control skill. Another unique ability of him allows him to lock commands in the backup plan and chain them. Once your bones reach your placed skill dice you are able to perform alternative and powerfull effects. Gasket is a versatile Gearloc who is invaluable for both solo and coop play.

Too Many Bones: Gasket Add-on Character comes with his own set of 21 beautiful custom dice, an 11.5 gram chip, closeable dice holder, and a neoprene character mat.

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